This item has SOLD Antique Nineteenth Century French Curved Filiagree Santos Crown

***THIS ITEM HAS SOLD***A beautiful and unusual example, it has a flat face and sharp upward curve. It originates from a small collection (Madame X) in Paris and dates towards 1900.

The form is of cast bronze/brass. The front has a very sharp upward curve which (when viewed from below) gives an increased height and importance to the appearance. The face is flat, which allows for an extraordinary amount of delicate ovals and spirals to fill the entire face. The central large flower has a delicate center with a turquoise stone surrounded by tiny glass stones. Each oval is mounted with two tiny glass stones. There are two smaller flowers flanking the center with a pink stone center surrounded by tiny clear glass stones. Clear, Turquoise and Rose stones are fill the entire design field. The band at the bottom is set with medium clear stones (three missing). There is a band of adjustment at the back with five notches of adjustment.

It measures: 2 3/4" tall at the front center, 1 3/4" tall at either side. The width of the front face is 5". It is in very good antique condition: the patina is brilliant, the form in good order; there are a few missing stones as noted above.

It is of a most unusual design both in elements and form. The particular design suggests that it was a custom made crown fashioned to adorn a particular state of the Madonna.

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