RARE Small French Gilded Brass and Pearl Religious Santos Crown

SOLD A rare, small sized crown, it would have once graced a noble Santos statue of Mary. It originates from the France and dates towards 1880.

This is a cast crown which would have resulted from brass (liquid copper and zinc) being poured into a hand cut mold. This genre of crown is known as a diadem, which would have been destined for a Madonna statue. The design detail is elegant, a large flower is at the center with raised half globes atop the petals, four tiny thistle buds reach upward and horizontal, arabesques and draping acanthus leaves connect all designs into a uniform story. There are four half globes along the top edge. The bottom band has an intricate lace work cut of alternating rosettes. There is a wire of hand strung grey pearl glass beads (two beads in half) roping across the front of the bottom band. The bottom band would have closed together with a wire or ribbon to adjust the fit to the statue.

The crown measures:1 1/2" tall, 1 3/4" in diameter, 1/2" tall at the lower portion of each side band. It is in very good antique condition, a few tiny irregular bends as is typical with age and use.

A precious find, it always amazes us to find these small and delicate examples in such wonderful condition. The patina is simply magical and the pearls add an humble elegance so befitting a Santos Madonna.

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