Antique 19th Century French Hand Carved Wooden Religious Tabernacle Door

Hand created from one solid block of French white oak, it has an unusually wide shape. It originates from the south of France and dates between 1860-1870. It still retains the original lock works (no key) and iron door mounts.

The face has a beautifully hand carved chalice which holds the communion wafer. The carving projects forward 3/4" from the base giving a very realistic depiction. The chalice is heavily gilded with gold leaf, you can see the reddish undertones that are typical of this period slightly showing through the gilt leaf in places. The Chinese red painted background is the perfect backdrop for the gilded chalice. The outer border is separated from the inner border by an incised (1/8") frame. The outer border is hand painted to mimic marble (green, ochre, gold).

The back of the door is heavily gilt leafed. The patina is magical. Tiny stars have been hand carved into the central panel. a 1/2" wide incised frame repeats the shape of the door. The old lock plate is visible at the back and sides. There is a decorative iron key plate on the front panel (no key).

The door is 12" tall and 9 1/2" wide and a solid 1" thick. The chalice measures:10 1/2" tall, 4" wide at the base. The condition is very good for the age and use that it would have received; cracking to paint (horizontal 2 1/2") to the left of the bottom iron hinge mount, small crack (1"), vertical just underneath this at the bottom; two missing hardware mounts to the right of the lock plate, some missing bits of paint. Long vertical crack to gilding on backThe door remains solid and the patina amazing on the front and back. Please study the photos as they are the best description.

These beautiful hand carved works of religious have such a sacred history, having been a part of Holy Communion, in a place of worship and devotion. This example is a finely carved work with a stunning patina in gilt and richly colored paint.

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