This item has SOLD**Rare Antique 19th Century French Bronze/Bronze Argente Tabernacle Door


This is a magnificent (and very heavy) tabernacle door. It originates from a small monastic collection in Burgundy and dates towards 1880.

Tabernacle doors were sold into the antique trade in the late 19th century (along with crowns, monstrances, linens and architectural elements) ; a time when many religious decorations were being removed from churches either to make room for new pieces or because the parish itself was in need of funds.

The frame is of solid bronze, the door of a mix of metals and bronze which has been silvered. Surrounding the central cross are incised flowers and scrolls which form repeating patterns across the entire panel. The central cross is of bronze. It is set with 16 ruby and emerald cabochon glass stones. There is a very large (3/4” in diameter) faceted stone at the central intersection of the cross (set in a scalloped mount). There is a lock present but no key. The door opens left to right. The back portion of the door measures 3/4” thick. It is covered in fine creme-colored satin.

The door has survived in very good antique condition with original stones. When sitting upright on the table it will tilt slightly because of the difference in height of the frame and the door from the table. It measures: 12 1/2” x 7”. The central cross measures: 11 1/4” x 6”.

It is a rare and precious example from a period of gilt and richness which adorned the sacred spaces of exquisite chapels across France.

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