This item is SOLD***Antique 19th Century Silk Damask Religious Chasuble

This is an exquisite religious textile with striking silk damask in rose and emerald. It originates from the area of Troyes France and dates from the period of Napoleon III, 1860.

It has such a glorious patina. The dusty rose sides of the front and back are of silk damask, as is the emerald green of the cross (the straight horizontal emerald panel has been remove from the one side). The cross has a central metallic stumpwork applique medallion. The large pelican pierces her own breast to feed her young; a symbol of Christ sacrificing Himself for man. The silver thread medallion is stunning with many rows of braid tightly sewn together. The small birds are formed from silver braid sewn in a horizontal direction which makes them come forward from the design. An extravagant design of silver metallic thread arabesques hold four large roses which are accented in silver. This designs travels down the of foot of the cross. Wide (1 1/4") silk and gilt metallic brocade trim outlines the central design and the yoke of the chasuble. Matching 1" braid is placed around the edges. The original 1 1/2" lace collar edging remains.

It measures: 46"x26"; the cross 40" x 23". It is in good antique condition: the metallic medallion design is intact as is the design of the cross. The fabric has darkened and has soiled spots (especially on the creme fabric where the emerald panel was removed). The braid has darkened with age.

The aging of the fabrics combined with the shimmer of the silver accents give this chasuble such a rich and noble presence. It is a special bit of history and beautiful religious textile.

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