Antique Nineteenth Century Gilded Bronze French Santos Crown, Couronne Royale

SOLD A magnificent example of a crown from the period of Napoleon III, it would have graced a large sized Santos statue of Jesus. It originates from a fine collection in France and dates towards 1860. This genre of crown is specific to France alone (Italian and Spanish crowns are more somber and most often in silver or bronze).

The crown is an amazing work with fine detailing and very large glass stones. The six bands have beautifully hand cut cascading acanthus leaves filling the interior spaces as well as acanthus leaves between each band. This hand cut metal work (in the form of scrolls and arabesques) combined with the numerous clear glass bezel set stones imparts a delicate and lace-like appearance. The large stones which cascade down each arm (red stones are 1/2" tall and the green 5/8" tall) give a very brilliant and regal bearing to the crown. The bottom band is wide (1") with repeating hand cut arabesques. It. is set with six large faceted emerald glass stones (5/8" wide). At the top is a large gilded brass globe which supports a lovely cross. The cross is like a jewel itself, set with clear glass stones and a large, faceted emerald glass stone at the centers.

It measures: 6" tall, 3 1/4" in diameter at bottom band; widest circumference at bands is 20": cross at the top is1 1/2" tall. It is in very good antique condition with no missing stones noted. The structure is sound, the patina shimmering. There is a slight irregular shape to the outer bottom band as is typical with these old pieces that were manipulated to be worn on a statue.

It is an extravagant work from a fine atelier and an exceptional piece of historical religious devotional art of the nineteenth century.

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