Exquisite French Red Silk and Agnus Dei Metallic Stumpwork Ecclesiastic Vestment Cope

SOLD The silver and gilt metallic stumpwork appliques are simply stunning. This vestment cope (which has a band sewn at the top for use as a banner) originates from a convent collection found in the Champagne region of France.

The appliques are symbolic..."The Lamb Alone is Worthy to Open God's Scroll (Revelation 5) ...that it is strapped shut by seven seals". The seven stars represent the Seven Spirits, "Revelation 3:1 tells us that Jesus holds or has the seven Spirits, then later on Revelation 4:5 tells us there are seven lamps of fire which are the seven Spirits of God".

The red silk is in the most luscious shade of crimson red. The crown is formed by metallic threads which are woven together with silk "bands". There are three large fleur de lis in which the threads are placed in different directions to form texture and light. The "stones" are of silk thread, blue and red. The large central applique presents the Paschal Lamb in silver "frise" coiling threads. The stumpwork (padding placed under the embroidery) gives realistic. The face and legs are of hand cut silver plate (from a thin panel similar to the weight of Italian sacred hearts). There is a velvet banner which reads "Ecce Agnus Dei". The book on which the Paschal Lamb rests is formed by many, many fine gilt threads. The seven seals are small ovals cut out of brass. Large rays fan outward, and are formed by a gold fabric base with gilt metallic paillettes sewn on top. There are seven gilt metallic stumpwork stars surrounding the center.

Very fine braid is used to edge the textile with gilt metallic bouillon fringe. The back is lined with plain red cotton. It measures 24" x 20 1/2". It is in good condition with all aspects of the design present.

The Biblical symbolism is beautifully rendered within the elements of this ecclesiastic textile.

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