This item has SOLD** Extraordinary Large French Gilded Brass Baroque Diadem Crown

***This item has sold***The large baroque face of this diadem crown is sumptuous and impressive. A crown of this impressive size would have adorned a life sized statue of the Virgin Mary. It originates from a very fine private collection and dates from the Napoleon III period (between 1850 1nd 1860).

Two large scrolling arabesques begin the design at the front center; cascading across the lower face in a large "S" shape. The upwardly moving gilded brass frame is tightly woven with arabesques, half globes and scrolls. The face is set with unusual square (pink and green) stones and round faceted glass/crystal stones in sapphire, ruby, emerald, purple and rose (one purple and one sapphire stone missing). There are four unusual square stones (emerald cut) which float across the bottom part of the baroque design. The 1/4" bottom band is set with large, clear glass stones with one gilded brass half globe at the center The back part of the band has alternating gilded brass fleur de lis and half globes filling the channel. The closing joining band is a separate piece, which is fastened to the left side of the band by a flat tack. This would have been added at some point in time to adjust the fit to a particular statue. The entire gilded brass form is best observed from the is an amazing work of metalwork.

The height at the front center is 4 1/2" cascading to 1" at either side. Two clear square glass stones rest at either side; the gilded brass scrolling, flowers and arabesques continue to the back band. There is one missing purple stone (top right of row of purple stones) and one missing sapphire blue stone (top right). The band adjusts from 5 1/2-5 3/4" in diameter: the circumference of the crown in the last notch is 23".

It is a superb example in an unusual form which we have never seen before. It is a stunning work in gilded metal and a sumptuous religious accessory from the gilded period of Napoleon III.

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