THIS ITEM HAS SOLD***Large Antique Nineteenth Century French Silk and Needlework Religious Banner

**This item has sold.** A sumptuous hand worked religious banner, it has rich detailing and lovely symbolism. It originates from the Champagne area of France and dates towards 1900-1910.

This type of work was most often produced within convents. The Nuns were adept in all the sewing arts and could produced profound works with just needle and thread.

The cascading design is an elaborate work which took many, many weeks to complete. Complex stitching produced different textures and is the work of an experienced person. There are four medallions which are worked using silk and metallic threads. The tiny stitches within the medallions are incredibly fine. The yarn colors are soft, in shades of rose, crimson, sage green, forest green, gold, creme, pale blue and brown. The stitched panel has been sewn onto a red silk which has a gilt floral braid trim. The back (re-backed at some point in time) is of red cotton. There is 2" long gilt bouillon fringe at the bottom. There is a small gold ring at the top center back.

It measures: 8 1/2" wide, 41" long. The needle work measures 3 1/4" - 6 1/4" wide. It is in very good antique condition with no missing bits to the needle work design.

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