Majestic Antique French Fiddleback Ecclesiastic Chasuble

***SOLD***A beautiful vestment, it exhibits luxurious brocatelle work (in which hand worked embroidery is placed on top of the underlying design of the fabric itself, thus highlighting and coloring the design). The vivid emerald green color indicates that this chasuble was used on Ordinary Sundays and non feast days in the ordinary Sunday season of the year.

The body of the vestment is of Lyon silk brocade. The symbolic brocade pattern includes lilies (Virgin Mary, purity), clusters of grapes (abundance), wheat sheaves (love and charity), and grape leaves rebirth). The outer edge of the green silk is bordered by a 1/2" wide brown and gold braid. The large cross on the back of the chasuble is of a green silk/cotton which has patterns of repeating diamonds (which resembles quilting) on the inside of the panels. The grape clusters, leaves and vines have all been embellished with hand worked embroidery which imparts a velvety texture and an added dimension. The long central part of the cross is embellished with thistles (hand worked embroidery over each flower, leaf and stem). The Christogram at the center has hand worked embroidery borders and absolutely exquisite French knots hand worked on each letter. The back panel repeats the design of the front. The handworked embroidery has worn from the front center (please study the photographs as they are an integral part of the description). There is a 1" wide gold and brown braid outlining each wide panel front and back.

The lining of the vestment is of plain polished cotton (typical with this type of vestment). The white linen neck guard/collar has exquisite dentelle edging.In good condition, slight staining and spotting from age. The front panel has some fraying of the silk on a few various spots (as is typical with age and use). There is some light horizontal fraying to the Lyon silk as is typical with age and use. There is a small bit of wax just under the top horizontal braid at the right (from a candle). It measures 42" long and 25" wide. The Christogram measures 9.5" long and 7.5" wide. Please study the photos as they are a vital part of the description.

It is a striking ecclesiastic vestment and a lovely example of brocatelle work.

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