This Item has SOLD**Opulent Nineteenth Century French Gilded Bronze Filigree Santos Crown

***THIS ITEM HAS SOLD***Adorned with shimmering glass stones and elegant pearls, this crown would have had an extraordinary bearing on a beautiful Santos statue of the Christ Child. It originates from a small French collection and dates towards 1900.

This type of filigree work was popular in many sorts of fine metal objects towards the end of the 19th century in France. Such delicate and intricate tendrils, arabesques, wheels and scrolls were cast in bronze, producing a strong structure with the delicate appearance of gilded lace. The bottom band (1/2") carries a repeating pattern of wheels and flowers. It is bezel set with twelve large, clear glass stones.

The six arms are in the form of elongated teardrops. Each arm is an amazing combination of intricate and dainty shapes and tendrils. Each arm is set with one large central stone with six clear glass stones surrounding. Two additional stones rise to the top globe. The ending slim band of each arm curls upward to the globe and then back down into a scroll. The round globe and cross symbolize Christ's domination over the orb of the world. The cross is set with four glass stones and a central pearl. Between each arm is a stylized fleur de lis set with a large central pearl.

There is a band across the interior bottom for fastening the crown to the statue. It measures:6 1/4" tall, 3" in diameter at the bottom band and 16" in diameter. It is in amazing antique condition: slight irregular bending to the bottom band from use on a statue, all stones are present, the arms are solidly attached, all parts of the design are present.

It is an unusual work in bronze (this type of crown was usually cast in a blend of light metals) and a fine example of an authentic, antique French Santos crown destined to adorn a beautiful Christ Child statue.

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