THIS ITEM IS SOLD*** Antique 19th Century Ecclesiastical Red Damask Priest's Religious Stole

**This item has sold.** The silk threads (from Lyon) used in this Damask pattern have the texture and touch of velvet. The stole dates towards 1850 and originates from just outside of Marseille.

This lavish French era produced religious vestments of extraordinary luxury with the use of silks, velvets, gold and silver braid, bobbins lace and appliques. The background, in a luminous shade of claret red, highlights the floral pattern; the leaves and flowers seem to float across the surface. The wider portions at the bottom each boast a Maltese cross which is worked in very fine silver metallic braid. A 1/2" wide scalloped silver metallic braid edges the front of the stole. The braid is made of tiny interlocking silver metal flat threads which produce a woven pattern. At the bottom, very wide silver metallic fringe is used (2 1/8" long).

At the neck, a silver metallic braid cross shape is found at the center point. Hand worked "dentelle" bobbin lace is hand sewn on top of the metallic braid. The stole is backed with fine, hand sewn crimson silk. It measures: 90" long, the two bottom panels, 10" wide, the silver Maltese crosses, 5" in diameter, the long narrow parts of the stole, 4 1/2" tapering to 3". It is in very good antique condition.

This exquisite religious textile is in a wonderful state of conservation. It is a fine example of the period.

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