THIS ITEM HAS SOLD*** Antique French Ecclesiastic Velvet Veil Paschal Lamb

**This item has sold.** 

The luscious crimson red velvet combined with gilt metallic bouillon give a regal air to this veil. It originates from a beautiful Ecclesiastic vestment collection in France.

This textile would have been used to adorn the front of a religious tabernacle. The panels open to reveal the tabernacle door. The Paschal Lamb is placed at the top center of these panels. It is an exquisite applique work. Rows of tiny looping threads appear as fleece, many fine gilt threads are woven in a linear panel around the edge of the halo and on the staff. The Lamb stands on a medallion of metallic cloth.

There are hand sewn hooks across the top back for use in hanging. The back is lined with crimson cotton. The outer edges of the top panel have an edging border of 1/2" gilt brocade braid. Gilt metallic bouillon braid (1") edges the top panel and sides and bottom of the side panels.

The veil measures 25 1/2" x 29". The Paschal Lamb medallion measures 4" x 5 3/4". It is in good antique condition: top panel back has some fading; please study the photos as they are the best description.

Much hand sewing work can be seen on the back of the veil. The triumphant representation of the Paschal Lamb is simply beautiful.

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