THIS ITEM HAS SOLD*** Authentic Antique Gilded Brass Nineteenth Century French Santos Crown

**This item has sold.** A beautiful example, it boasts eight individually mounted stars along the top. It originates from a small private collection in the Champagne region of France and dates towards 1890.

Each of the stars are separate pieces which mount into two small channels. Each star is encrusted with bezel set clear glass stones (four missing stones as is typical with age and use). There is a middle row of gilded arabesques interspersed with clear glass stones. The bottom band is 1/2" wide and embellished with bezel set faceted clear glass stones.

The crown is in good antique condition: We have not cleaned it, The attachment of a few of the gilded brass arabesques has raised away from the bottom band top, but this does not effect the structure of the piece. It measures 2 & 1/2" tall and the band tapers down to 1/2" tall in the back. It has a diameter of 3 & 3/4" and a circumference of 12". The band can be moved apart to make the bottom diameter slightly bigger (it is closed by a gilt wire which can be unwrapped and moved).

It is a handsome and authentic antique Santos crown.

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