THIS ITEM HAS SOLD*** Large Stunning Antique Nineteenth Century French Religious Crown

**This item has sold.** The use of more than 100 clear glass stones give this Santos crown a luminescent countenance. This example originates from a small French collection and dates towards 1900.

This crown would have once graced the head of a larger statue of the Virgin Mary. The five pointed stars are symbolic, A pentagram (sometimes known as a pentalpha or pentangle or a star pentagon) is the shape of a five-pointed star drawn with five straight strokes. ... Christians once more commonly used the pentagram to represent the five wounds of Jesus.

The structure of the crown is of gilded brass. The front band is encrusted with clear glass stones which are mounted into a channel. Seven fleur de lis are mounted above this, consisting of glass stone mounts and increasing in size towards the large fleur de lis at the center. There are four topaz (two replacement) glass stones which rest at the center of the reverse scallops. The large center star is mounted with both topaz and clear glass stones. The stars cascade to each mid section and decrease in size from 1" to 1 1/2". The back band has five slots for adjustment.

It is in very good antique condition: the patina is brilliant, stones are faceted and brilliant (one missing stone on the bottom channel, right side end). The structure is sound.

It is an exquisite example of religious ornamentation, much of which has completely disappeared from churches today (in the 1940's ecclesiastic orders were given to remove any "unnecessary" ornamentation....resulting in the removal and dispersal of thousands of items into the antique markets of the era).

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