This item has SOLD***LARGE Antique Nineteenth Century Italian Silver Sacred Heart Ex Voto

***THIS ITEM HAS SOLD***An authentic antique sacred heart, it originates from a convent collection in Tuscany, France. It dates circa 1890.

This flat, silver sacred heart form is typical to Italy where, even today, they are seen in churches across the country. They were given to an individual basilica, in thanksgiving or intention. They were placed in large frames which hung near particular statues within the church of Chiesa di Sant'Iganazio di Loyola: Rome, Italy. (We picture one of these within our pictoral description).

The form is light and airy. The heart shape has a slight curve which is also typical of Italian examples. There is a 1/4" border surrounding the heart form which is accented by raised half globes and then a repeating border of hand cut scallops. There are six hand cut curving stylized leaves fanning outward from the heart which are connected by hand cut scrolling "chain" links. There is a deeply grooved flame which is encircled by a very detailed brass crown (with rising cross) at the base. There are two very lifelike angel faces framed by double wings. The facial features are strongly visible with pronounced noses, chubby cheeks and benevolent eyes. There is a third angle at the bottom tip of the heart with large detailed wings framing his chin.

The are very detailed brass initials "PGR", which stand for Grace Received mounted at the very center. There is a bail at the top center for threading a chain or ribbon. It measures 8" tall and 5 1/2" wide. It is silver plate (.800). 
It is in very good antique condition: slight irregular bends typical of authentic Italian sacred heart ex voto. It could be polished to a higher patina, we chose to leave it with it's original patina which documents it's age.

It is a wonderful representative of faith and hope with a sacred history which still continues today in Italy.

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